The first step towards successful physiotherapy is to identify the problem and its causes in detail. Accordingly a detailed assessment is carried out during each patient's first visit to help accurately diagnose the main problem. Once the physiotherapist has reached a diagnosis, it is discussed with the patient and a comprehensive treatment plan is proposed. Long and short-term goals are agreed in order to set a context for the patient's full recovery.

A full range of physiotherapy treatments is available and can be combined to meet the needs of each patient's treatment plan:


Further treatment sessions are usually required, and the physiotherapist will advise the patient on the number and frequency of these sessions according to the nature of the problem, and with the objective of achieving the speediest possible recovery.


Domicillary visits can be arranged by agreement.

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Peak Physiotherapy Practice is recognised by most major UK health insurance providers, including CS Healthcare, Cigna, Simplyhealth and WPA amongst others.